VIP Membership at Club Playa Largo

Have an entire Resort & Spa at your beckon the resort or in your home! As an owner in Playa Largo Ocean Residences you receive exclusive membership to Club Playa Largo* including the members private lounge, media center, private event lawn and gardens, locker rooms and special services reserved just for you. It’s a “Special Reserve” only for club members.

  • Resort Services Available as In-Home Services: Cleaning, Concierge, Room Services, Spa Services and Boating.
  • Member’s Club Lounge, Event Lawn and Gardens
  • VIP Ocean Spa Privileges & Fitness Center Privileges
  • VIP Marina Docking and Boat Launch Privileges
  • VIP Resort Dining and Catering Rentals
  • Exclusive Options on the Playa Largo Ballroom and Meeting Facilities
  • VIP Access to Activities Center
  • VIP Access to Water Sports Pavilion and Equipment
  • VIP Programs and Rentals
  • VIP Access to Basketball, Sports and Tennis Courts

* Club Playa Largo Membership contingent with enrollment into Playa Largo Ocean Residences Management Services. Please ask your Sales Representative for full details.